Article writing is a discipline of many facets. Different elements combine to make up a complete and successful piece. These include titles, sub-titles, introductions, body copy, and conclusions. Other elements involve literary, narrative, grammar, spelling and tone concerns.

In addition, under the umbrella “Articles” are the different types of articles you can write. When creating content you select an article type based on the message you wish to convey. You also consider the intended audience for your articles. The article type you choose must be one that presents your topic in the clearest way.

It’s important to consider your overall article marketing campaign as well. Your article distribution service submits your content to different publishers on a regular basis. Publishers love a variety of topics and a variety of article formats for their readerships.

To properly give information to your readers, you need to know the various article types. You can then blend your topic into the article format that best suits the information your audience needs. Here are seven types of articles you can write for varied content:

The “How To” Article

With this type of article you explain a process or system for doing something. This could be anything from how to bake bread, to how to make a kite. Your readers require easy-to-follow instructions that make learning something new stress-free.

It’s important in a “How To” article to clearly pay for essay reddit delineate the steps for accomplishing a task. Presenting your information with clearly numbered steps helps readers understand a process quickly. The use of sub-titles and bullet points also presents information in an organized fashion.

Your primary concern with a “How To” article is clarity. Your target audience wants simple, concise, logical, knowledgeable instruction. They are looking for the easiest way to do something that saves them time.


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