Several recent tragedies have occurred in our community. A death due to prescription drug addiction and overdose, other recent prescription drug overdoses resulting in hospitalization, one a probable suicide attempt, one resulting in brain damage, and several non-fatal overdoses are affecting many lives. Countless other drug users are walking around and driving, on the same roads as you and I, How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription stoned, loaded on their legal drugs. The disease of drug addiction (alcoholism is just alcohol addiction) is treatable. The excruciating pain to the family, as well as to the Buy Xanax Online addict himself, that results from the consequences of addiction can be resolved.

To understand this problem of prescription drug abuse, let’s look at an analogy from the physical. If you have an injured wrist or ankle, go to your doctor and get a script for narcotic pain relievers, the pain will be reduced, even though the fracture, sprain or dislocation itself is not treated. If you continue to take the narcotics, continuing to use your ankle or wrist, you will need ongoing medication. The injury continues to hurt, less so when you are using higher doses of narcotics, but the underlying problem is never diagnosed or treated. You keep taking, indefinitely, a medication that is not helping to treat the injury.

Your doctor has made a mistake. He has not diagnosed the injury and treated it properly…he is just helping you cover up the pain with drugs. If the injured joint is properly treated with immobilization, surgery if needed, it will have the opportunity to heal, eliminating the need for ongoing pain relievers. This is one of many medical conditions made worse by inappropriate treatment.

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