If you’re new to Internet Marketing, Techi Buck you may be confused at all the hype surrounding claims of money to be made. Just as in the days of the gold rush, rumors of great riches abound. But just where do you go to dig for gold and hopefully hit that rich pocket of profits? There are a great many avenues to pursue in search of online wealth and one of them is blogging.

Blogs, online journals of a sort, are more popular than ever right now. From political rantings to how-to tutorials on bread making, blog topics are as varied as the people who write them. Breaking news blogs are popular and have become a way for the average Joe to become involved in their local news and politics. Big news corporations have recognized the importance of blogging and a great many of their news reporters and even anchors have blogs.

But how do you make money by writing a blog?

People go about this in different ways, depending on how they want to make an income.

Your first step is to choose the subject matter for your blog. It’s an excellent idea to write on something you’re passionate about. Pick a topic that speaks to you. Nothing is more boring than reading something written by someone who clearly has no fire within them regarding the subject matter.

Next, set up an account with Google AdSense. AdSense is Google’s program that places ads on your website that are relevant to the content of your blog. These ads are generally unobtrusive and they allow you to monetize your blog quickly and easily.

It’s a free program and it relies on the pay-per-click and pay-per-impression advertising.

This is how it works: let’s say you are passionate about coin collecting. You’ve been hooked on it since your granny gave you a silver dollar when you were five. Since then you’ve become an avid collector. Numismatic aficionados are everywhere and it’s a profitable business. You decide to write a blog about coin collecting. It’s your hobby, your passion, you know a great deal about the subject and enjoy talking about it but you’d also like to make some money off your hobby. So you set up a blog about Numismatics on any number of free blogging platforms available on the Internet.

In order to get indexed by Google so you get visitors, you’ll have to post on your blog at least once a day and perhaps even more. The more visitors to your site, the better because each visitor is potential money in your pocket.

You set up a Google AdSense account and link it to your blog. Google will pick ads targeted to the people who visit your blog in order to entice them to click on the ads. You may see ads for rare coins, or free coin catalogs. Who can resist free? A visitor to your blog sees the ad for free coin catalogs, clicks on the link and you get paid for that click. Easy money!


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