Men’s wedding bands are some of the most underappreciated pieces in the world of jewelry. While a women’s engagement and wedding ring is showed off to friends, co-workers, family and common acquaintances, a men’s wedding band just sort of exists, sitting on the man’s hand as a symbol of love, though seriously, not much else.

While underappreciated, recent developments in the men’s ring industry have led to some intriguing new designs featuring stunning metals. While a men’s wedding ring might not be the most distinguishable part of a men’s daily ensemble, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

At their core, men’s wedding bands are all tungsten men wedding bands about simplicity. While a women’s wedding ring is there to show off, a men’s band is there to simply state: I’m married, hands off. Because of this, men traditionally don’t go for anything like fancy diamonds or other “bling”, they simply stick with a precious metal. While gold and silver are still beloved choices, many men have started to flock towards other metals such as titanium and tungsten. These metals still give off beauty and sophistication, but they also give off something else, something that makes them perfect for men. I don’t want to use the word “macho” because that makes it sound shallow, no, these metals startle the line between endearingly industrial and sophisticated much like a beautifully designed high rise which melds both steel and glass.

The nice thing about metals such as titanium and tungsten is that they are versatile enough to add other precious jewels or metals to the rings. Some sellers add sterling silver rope bands to their rings or engraved art carved faces. One of the most popular materials to add to these “metallic” rings is diamonds. Adding a bit of class to the rings, both white and black diamond’s can be utilized as they go perfectly with titanium and tungsten rings. To give them a subtle sophistication, these diamonds are usually set into the band and not inserted on top of them.

These titanium and tungsten  do not look like a simple fad. What started out as something that was just offered by a few websites has now turned into a multi-million dollar industry. Despite popular belief, men are looking for something intriguing and catchy for their wedding bands. It might not be about the bling, but it’s about bringing out personality in a simple, sophisticated ring. Take a look online and you’ll see just how many choice you have. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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