how to style a wig | Exclusive Deals and Offers | you have never heard of front lace wigs you really are not in the minority. I, for one knew nothing of them until fairly recently. The reason for this is that they are such an amazing piece of hair styling technology so as to be almost invisible. Did you know that an awful lot of Hollywood loose deep wave wig stars and some of the worlds biggest divas all use front lace wigs to great effect, so you can understand why a lace wig is such a fantastic investment.

We all dream of having longer, fuller and more manageable hair but, it is so hard to maintain this constantly; especially when hair styles are ever changing and to have an elfin crop one day only to discover that long straight hair is so in the next week can be a real set back.

So, to be able to keep up with fickle hair style fashion simply and easily is amazing. Thinking about it logically, how else would the stars manage it without some help? I do not mean having a stylist available 24/7, I mean to keep up with the short, long, straight and curly seemingly effortlessly?

I cannot believe that we have been hood winked for so long, but then front lace wigs are something very special indeed. The traditional form of wig involves a somewhat bulky cap having synthetic hair attached using grips and fasteners. Even with the best will in the world they do not fit snugly against the scalp so it is difficult to achieve a natural look from the beginning.

With a front lace wig, natural hair is woven into a delicate lace cap and double knotted giving a totally natural appearance at the hair root. Also, because the lace is so fine the overall look at the hairline is as normal as your own hair can be. They really are such a huge step forward in wig making technology, it is no wonder that it has taken us so long to catch on to them, we just have not realised, how could we?

Having an amazing hair day every day can become a reality very easily with a front lace wig. You can subject it to the kind of hairstyling regimes that your own hair would find difficult to cope with. There is only so much in the way of heat or chemicals that your own hair can put up with before you start to see the negative effects on the condition and manageability.

Front lace wigs also have something to offer other than just banishing bad hair days. If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a distressing hair loss condition such as alopecia or trichotillomania for instance, I can recommend the use of lace wigs for cosmetic purposes too. As they look so totally natural, the only person who needs to know that you are wearing them is you and I am sure that will go a long way in giving you a huge confidence boost.

Buying front lace wigs is an investment and as such you would obviously want to be 100% sure that you know how to go about buying the right one, and then what action you should be taking in order to provide the best care using only tried, tested, and proven techniques, methods, and products to protect and maintain itHow much do you think you spend over a year in the salon getting your hair fixed? Ouch, it is probably far more than you like to think about or really want to spend. So, if i suggested that to be able to use cheap front lace wigs as an alternative to frequent salon visits would you be interested? When i say cheap front lace wigs I do not mean poor quality, I mean amazing value for your money.

Maybe your next question would be what is a front lace wig? Very simply, they are a fantastic hair style phenomenon that has to be worn to be believed. Wig making has improved so much in recent years and front lace wigs really are at the top of wig making technology.

Traditionally you will find wigs are made from synthetic hair that has to be attached by grips and fasteners to a bulky cap which is then placed on your head. Unfortunately, they can have a tendency to look a little odd as they somehow just do not sit right and have a bit of a stiff unnatural appearance, mainly because there is no real natural movement in the synthetic hair itself.

Now, front lace wigs are something else. Firstly, the delicate lace is gossamer fine so this tells you it will mould itself to your scalp very easily and work with your natural head shape, no problem. Secondly, natural hair is hand woven into the lace cap and hand tied. The hair is then double knotted and can also be bleached to really enhance the natural appearance at the hair root. The lace itself gives the wig and its hair line a totally natural look and obviously you get a beautifully normal flowing movement, just like your own hair would behave and this is what is just so fantastic.

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