Windows 11 Activator Download & Free Activation Key 2021 | KIVUHUBWindows 7 fix wouldn’t have been point of discussion if not for the unfortunate manner windows 7 operating systems slows down and reports errors Windows 11 Activator. The slow speed of windows 7 is so universal that even the most advanced computer users and technicians can’t escape it. It all boils down to how the programs and software in your computer runs and how they are saved in the registry at the time of operations.

If you take time to look into the workings of windows, you would be in better position to appreciate the details of our discussion in this write-up. Windows are generally not the smartest program on the internet because they work just like phone books. The information they have are the ones that were put or recorded inside them. Windows operate in such a way tat whenever you take any action on your computer, it take records of all activities and sends signals to the appropriate segment for immediate actions. These processes happens at the speed of light but the unfortunate part of it is that some of the processes aren’t completed whenever they are initiated and windows, in trying to save such ‘unfinished operations’, ends up saving them wrongly. Here is exactly where the registry problem starts because these wrongly saved data would be recalled for further action later and it would be more difficult for windows registry to easily read and interpret the wrongly saved data at the point of need.

The earlier versions of windows that had registry aren’t as complex as the windows 7. The complexity of the latest version of this Microsoft’s operating system makes it possible for it to delve into lots of activities at the same and thereby make lots of mistakes in the process too. This always results to slowed speed of your system and if left unchecked would keep growing till it harms you entire PC.

There are lots of programs running in your windows registry to the extent that it resemble browsing through the yellow pages each time you initiate an operation and yet it is required to perform optimally. The processes of transmitting data from the ‘inside’ of your PC to the visual part where you see and make use of such query are all taken care of by this invisible ‘windows registry’. It is then imperative to seek for windows 7 fix whenever there is breakdown in operations of this registry.

You don’t even have to wait till your system start showing error before you start finding ways of lightening invisible loads on the registry. These broken, damaged and corrupted files are all stored on the registry and keeps accumulating. The obsolete files too play some ugly roles by hiding inside the registry even after the user had gladly ‘deleted’ them from the computer. All these require windows 7 fix and it can only be done easily with the use of registry cleaners that can equally be downloaded from the internet.

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