Many people think that the <a href=”https: //www. permanentsteel. com/productshow/ssaw-steel-pipe. HTML”>spiral submerged arc pipe</a> is not very demanding on the environment, as long as it can be used, but this idea is very wrong, because once the environment is not so ideal, the spiral steel pipe can not be played out with many functions, so it can’t be used normally. Then what are the specific requirements for the environment? The first is the temperature control, which is generally between minus 40 degrees and 70 degrees. If it exceeds this range, its function will definitely be corresponding. The impact of this data is obtained by the manufacturer after numerous tests, which can fully guarantee the insulation performance and flame retardant performance of the spiral steel pipe. In addition, the surrounding humidity should also be controlled in place to avoid the impact of the steel pipe due to the too humid environment..

refers to a steel pipe that has been treated by anti-corrosion process and can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction during transportation and use. The anti-corrosion steel pipe can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion and prolong the service life of the steel pipe and reduce the running cost of the steel pipe.

There are many steel pipeline anti-corrosion coatings in China, such as petroleum asphalt, PE jacket and PE foam jacket, epoxy coal tar pitch, coal tar enamel, epoxy powder and three-layer composite structure, and epoxy coal tar pitch cold-wrapped belt (PF type)., rubber-plastic epoxy coal tar cold tape (RPC type), etc., the most widely used pipe anti-corrosion methods are three-layer PE composite structure, single-layer powder epoxy, PF cold-wrapped tape, RPC-type cold Wrap.

. Epoxy powder anti-corrosion, using electrostatic spraying method, and the same material anti-corrosion tube body is well sintered, strong bonding, but epoxy powder is poorly waterproof (high water absorption rate, reaching 0. 83%), to the cathode Protection design brings certain difficulties. The requirements for on-site appliances are high, the operation is difficult, and the quality is difficult to control.

3PE heat shrinkable material, pipeline anti-corrosion sealing, high mechanical strength, strong water resistance, stable quality, convenient construction, good applicability, no pollution to the environment. PE has low water absorption (less than 0. 01%), high epoxy strength, low PE water absorption and good softness of hot melt adhesive. It has high corrosion reliability. The disadvantage is: compared with the cost of other filler materials., costly.

. PF type, RPC type cold-wrapped belt construction is simple and easy, the matching three types of molding glue, so that PF type epoxy coal tar cold tape can be constructed in any environment, any season, any temperature conditions.
. The characteristics of the cold wrap and 3PE heat shrinkable tape are: applicable to the main anticorrosive pipe of various materials, and other methods are applicable to the main anticorrosive pipe of the same or close to the material.

Secondly, with the development of some pipelines, it is also necessary to keep warm during the anti-corrosion. The oil is a very complicated mixture, which is easy to corrode the pipeline and anti-corrosion is necessary, but the refined oil pipeline also needs to be insulated in the case of anti-corrosion, in the northeast and winter, Thermal expansion and contraction will freeze the pipe and affect the stable supply.

When it comes to fertility improvement, you should know that it is something a lot of couples can use. Nearly 15% of all people have some problems in regards to conception. Numerous reasons contribute to this. What is more important though is that there are many ways to help with fertility problems. Even though most of them are simple enough, they can boost fertility significantly. Take note:

Focus on a bigger breakfast – women with fertility issues should know that a bigger breakfast can help resolve the issue. According to studies, a better breakfast improves the hormonal consequences of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is a major contributor to infertility. Women of normal weight who eat the most calories with their breakfast show reduced levels of insulin and testosterone. Additionally, they ovulate 30% more than women who have smaller breakfast. Do note that increasing your breakfast without decreasing calorie intake throughout the rest of the day can lead to weight gain.

Reduce carbohydrates – many doctors recommend a low-carb diet for women with PCOS. The main reason for this is that the risk of infertility increases with higher carb intake. According to some studies, women who consumed more carbs were at 78% higher risk of ovulatory infertility than women who adopted a low-carb diet. Keep in mind the type of carbohydrates is also essential. In that sense, refined carbohydrates found in sugary drinks and foods are absorbed by the body very quickly. This causes a spike in insulin levels, which ups the chances of PCOS.

Eat more foods rich in antioxidants – zinc and folate are essential in fertility improvement for both men and women. They do this by deactivating the free radicals that damage egg and sperm cells in the body. As a result, the chance of conception grows significantly. Foods that contain antioxidants are grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Eat more fibre – fibre can greatly help your body remove excess hormones and maintain a balanced level of blood sugar. Foods like beans and whole grains can remove estrogen by binding with the hormones and then flushing them out. Even small amounts of fibre (10 grams daily) could lead to significant improvements in fertility.

Exercise your body – many studies point out to the fact that sedentary lifestyle leads to higher risk of infertility. Regular exercises not only negates this effect but also contributes to better weight loss efforts and increased wellbeing. Yet, you should know that excessive exercise could have an adverse impact on fertility. Moderation is key.

Relax – with an increase in stress levels, hormones levels in the body change in favour of those that reduce fertility. It is estimated that nearly 30% of women experience problems with working long hours and stressful jobs. You need to find a way to combat stress, be it through some hobby, meditation, yoga or some other activity.

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