A new Florida law requiring doctors to register patients in a statewide database is showing signs of working. The law, which took effect in September of 2011, requires doctors to register their patients’ names who are prescribed controlled substances. The database is then made available to pharmacies statewide so those who attempt to abuse the prescription drugs can be identified.

Those who attempt to refill their prescriptions too frequently or who are found to be visiting multiple doctors and pharmacies, including “doctor shoppers,” will be denied refills by their pharmacists and can possibly be investigated by law enforcement. Law enforcement will have access to these records and can inquire further information at any time.

Some claim the policy Florida has adopted infringes on privacy violation, but the law is consistent with laws enforced by 36 other states. These states also face turmoil with what has become an epidemic and feel there is no choice but to adopt such Get Xanax Online a strict stance on prescription drugs.

Pharmacists in the state of Florida already feel that the new law is working. They claim that they rarely receive any phone calls Buy Xanax Online inquiring about whether or not they have oxycontin and other painkillers in stock. These same pharmacies say they used to receive several phone calls per day asking about the drugs.

The database already has 15 million names on its list and will continue to be cross-checked by doctors, pharmacists, and law enforcement. Doctors are required to list their patient’s name within seven days of prescribing them a controlled substance.

Other drugs that are on the list include Oxycodone, Xanax, hydrocodone, Percocet, and other narcotics. Amphetamines such as adderall and Ritalin, drugs prescribed to children and a small number of adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are also closely monitored. Amphetamines, like narcotics, are another category of prescription drugs that can be highly addictive and are widely abused.

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