Role of Packaging in Brand Differentiation

The aim of any commercial organization is to earn maximum profit on the money invested. There are many nuts and bolts that contribute to the success of business. A good product, brand image, customer service and always listening to what your customers want is very important. But one of the number one contributors to a successful brand differentiation is product packaging. It is the first impression that company make on the public. A good packaging is the representation of the brand image and prestige of an establishment.

According to Philip Kotler Protection, convenience and economy were the three important traditional purposes attached to package. Packaging is a brand activity. A quality and creative packaging helps to identify the product from the competitor’s product. The good packaging is collective efforts of designer, the researcher, the technician, the advertising man, the marketing expert, the sales department and top management. custom mods vape

The innovative packaging acts as indirect salesman for the product. It acts as advertising media for the product. The capability of packaging as an effective selling tool was proved to be effective in the case of cosmetic and liquor industries. Some functions of packaging are:

1. Packaging gives protection from various kinds of damage like moisture gain or loss, chemical change and damage by mechanical handling.
2. To identify the contents, the brand and the maker.
3. Good packaging products are convenient to use.
4. Makes overall good impression about the company’s image.
5. Prestige of a product is maintained with help of proper packaging.
6. Packaging provides innovational opportunities for the manufacturer to exhibit their product compared to their competitors.
7. Packaging encourages the customers for repurchases.
8. Packaging provides opportunity and space for advertising.



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