The new edge in the netbook technology that is already available in the market is the Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook. Samsung has released the new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with exciting features to make the neglected netbook industry alive once again. The newly designed OS of Samsung Series 5 enables the user to access stored functions and features in a cloud system through internet connection. The optimization of Samsung Chromebook primarily targets web usage.

The Advantages of the Samsung Chromebook

    1. The high quality of this unit which looks like more of a laptop has a starting price of $429. The shiny and white lid with Chrome and Samsung logos, which include a colorful globe signifying the OS of Google, is very noticeable. These logos add character to the netbook without appearing cheap.


    1. The playful and fresher looks of the Samsung Chromebook are characterized by its round shape. Moreover, the keys that are rounded off are tucked in the keyboard’s corner to allow their shape resembles the chassis outline.


    1. Samsung Chromebook has fantastic keyboards that are well spaced and backed up by a sturdy panel. The function keys are replaced with forward, refresh, and backward buttons, together with others used to toggle between windows and enter or exit full-screen mode. Users can also mute the volume, and multimedia keys while using the netbook.


    1. The viewing angles of the 12.1 inches display of Samsung Chromebook housed in a thin bezel equipped with a one megapixel camera are impressive. Users can see the screen clearly from the side, while its matte finish and brightness let them see the screen under direct sunlight.


    1. It contains superb netbook specifications including 2GB of random access memory (RAM), an integrated Intel graphics, and a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N570 central processing unit (CPU). Crashed pages can be isolated by Chrome OS, as well as address problems without closing all the tabs. There is no difficulty in browsing several open tabs, which include Google Calendar, Gmail, content management systems, Scoutmob, and various news stories that are used in composing posts.


  1. The Samsung Chromebook battery has an incredible lifespan that can last for up to 8 hours and 30 minutes.


The Disadvantages of Samsung Chromebook

    1. The whole system is mounted in a rubberized, soft plastic that can be easily mistaken as carbon fiber. The palm rest can be quickly covered with fingerprints after testing it for a few hours. Video Graphics Array (VGA) adapter needs to be used for monitor connection. 55au7700


    1. It weighs 3.26 pounds which is heavier for a netbook having 12.1 inches screen. But it is still easy to hold with one hand or slide inside a bag for storage.


    1. The track pad of this unit is not great at all. The trouble can be encountered when clicking because the right clicks can be mistaken for the left ones.


  1. The sound of this netbook will get users into slight trouble. They need to crank the volume to almost maximum under the presence of slight background noise.


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